A Taliban suicide bomber attacked Afghanistan's Information Ministry building in Kabul, killing five people and wounding more than 20.  Ayaz Gul reports for VOA from Islamabad.

Witnesses are reported as saying that at least three militants stormed the ministry building in the center of the Afghan capital.  One of them, they say, blew himself up while his companions opened fire on security guards before entering the building.

Kabul's Deputy Police chief Ali Shah Amadzai, told reporters that a woman was among those killed in the attack.  He says that the explosion occurred inside a conference room of the information ministry and the attack is under investigation.

The powerful explosion badly damaged the building with broken glass and office equipment scattered among the rubble.

Taliban insurgents immediately claimed responsibility, saying foreign advisors in the ministry were its target.

A statement from President Hamid Karzai condemns the attackers as "enemies of Afghanistan" who want to block peace efforts.

Taliban militants have carried out a number of high-profile attacks in the Afghan capital and have intensified insurgent activities across the country this year.

In July, a powerful suicide car bombing outside the Indian embassy in Kabul killed 60 people, including two Indian diplomats.

The attack on the information ministry occurred despite President Karzai's repeated peace overtures to the Taliban. 

Earlier this week, Afghan and Pakistani politicians, along with tribal elders, met in Islamabad and agreed to establish contacts with Taliban fighters in an effort to end violence in both countries.  The Taliban has ruled out talks until U.S-led foreign troops leave Afghanistan.