President Bush will tell the American people that the war on terrorism will not end in Afghanistan. The war will be a major theme of his first official State of the Union address.

The president will warn the nation that the war against terror is only just beginning.

Speech excerpts released in advance of the address, say Mr. Bush will urge Americans to be "steadfast, patient and persistent." He will remind them that tens of thousands of terrorists have been trained in Afghanistan, including many of those believed responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.

Mr. Bush will also stress his determination to block any terrorist or regime which seeks weapons of mass destruction. And he will outline why he believes it is so necessary to double spending to prepare and protect Americans from further attack.

The president will talk about two evils facing the United States: terrorism and the economic recession. He will focus on efforts to pull the United States out of its economic slump, with an emphasis on job creation.

Mr. Bush goes into this speech with high war-time public approval ratings, more than 80 percent in recent polls. His task will be to take his popularity as commander-in-chief and translate it into support for his economic and domestic agenda.

The people invited to the speech as his special guests represent the various intertwined themes of this State of the Union. Afghan interim leader Hamid Karzai will sit with First Lady Laura Bush, as will members of the military, widows of soldiers killed in the war on terrorism, U.S. labor leaders, and an official and an athlete involved with the upcoming Salt Lake City Olympics.