Thai officials say alleged terrorist mastermind Hambali is being interrogated at a secret location after being captured earlier this week in central Thailand.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra told reporters Friday in Bangkok that Hambali was under interrogation by what he called "allied countries."

Earlier, one Thai official said Hambali had been flown to Indonesia under U.S. custody. But, Indonesian police insisted that Hambali had not been brought to their country.

Hambali is wanted in Indonesia and several other Southeast Asian nations in connection with a series of bomb attacks.

He is the suspected planner of last October's Bali nightclub bombings which killed more than 200 people.

Hambali also is a suspect in last week's deadly bombing at a Jakarta hotel operated by the U.S.-based Marriott group.

Hambali also is known as Riduan Isamuddin. He is thought to be al-Qaida's chief operative in Southeast Asia. Additionally, he is suspected of leading the regional terrorist operation Jemaah Islamiyah, a group linked to al-Qaida.