World number-one golfer Tiger Woods has withdrawn from this week's tournament in California he hosts to benefit his charity foundation, as media scrutiny about his highly-publicized one-car accident continues to mount.

Woods pulled out of the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament Monday - citing the minor injuries he sustained early last Friday, when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into a fire hydrant and a tree in front of his Florida home.  He has not missed the suburban Los Angeles golf event since it began in 1999.

Woods also called off a news conference scheduled for Tuesday, and announced he would not compete in any more golf tournaments until the new year.

Separately, Woods has canceled at least three meetings with Florida state troopers investigating the crash.  He is not legally required to speak to the police about his accident.

Woods has only addressed the issue through statements, including an indirect rejection of tabloid-fueled rumors alleging he cheated on his wife, Elin, with an American woman during a recent tournament in Australia.

Woods said through his Web site that there are "many false, unfounded and malicious rumors" circulating about him and his family.  He also has said the crash was his fault, but the incident otherwise is a "private matter."
The New York events planner, Rachel Uchitel named in gossip magazine National Enquirer as the woman seeing Woods at the Australian Masters - was in Australia the same time as Woods, but she vehemently denies any involvement - romantic or otherwise - with the star American golfer.  

Woods was not seriously hurt in the accident, but was knocked semi-unconscious and sustained cuts to his face and some bruises.  Police say alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

The Chevron World Challenge golf tournament starts Thursday at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.