Toby Keith has been called the most successful male Country artist since Garth Brooks. To prove that point, his recent achievements include performing the top-grossing Country tour of 2002. And, this year, The Academy of Country Music named him Entertainer of the Year.

Time For Me To Ride is a good example of the rocking tone of Toby Keith's eighth and latest album, Shock'n Y'all.

The collection follows Toby's 2002 album, Unleashed, which featured his pro-war song Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue. That single went to Number One, but put him in the middle of a national controversy. He added two live tracks to his new CD that could also be considered "politically incorrect." The Taliban is told from the perspective of an Afghan man who opposed Taliban rule. And, Weed With Willie tells us some secrets about what goes on inside Willie Nelson's tour bus.

Shock'n Y'all is titled after the U.S. Department of Defense's Iraqi war 'shock and awe' campaign. Among the 12 tracks is Toby's tribute to our military troops, called American Soldier.

Toby Keith has performed for U.S. troops many times since the 9/11 attacks. He's also warmed up crowds at several military bases prior to visits from President Bush. But, not everyone has welcomed the defiant patriotism in some of his lyrics. His infamous feuds with network television news anchor Peter Jennings and the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines generated a lot of attention, but also brought him many new fans. Toby's income this year is estimated at more than $45 million.

Shock'n Y'all was released one day before the 37th annual Country Music Association Awards were presented in Nashville on November 5. Toby went into the race as the most-nominated artist with seven mentions. He's often overlooked at awards ceremonies, and this year's CMAs was no exception. He left the event empty-handed.

During the show, Toby performed the first single from Shock'n Y'all" The song, which reached Number One on the Country chart in only 12 weeks, is his 12th chart-topper.