Togo's new President Faure Gnassingbe has visited his counterpart in Gabon, amid intense international pressure on the Togolese leader to step down.

Mr. Gnassingbe said he went to Gabon Thursday to seek advice from President Omar Bongo, calling him a wise man and brother.  The Togolese leader then left for talks with Libyan officials in Tripoli.

Meantime, the African Union postponed a meeting Thursday to discuss the crisis in Togo until Friday.

The AU's Peace and Security Council is expected to consider sanctions against the West African country to pressure Mr. Gnassingbe to step down.

The bloc has suspended Togo, accusing the country's military of staging a coup to install Mr. Gnassingbe, after his father's death this month.

Monday, Togo's parliament ordered new presidential elections in 60 days, while allowing Mr. Gnassingbe to remain in office. 

Some information for this report provided by AFP.