The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders are in San Diego, California this week preparing for the National Football League's Super Bowl 37 Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium. The game features the top squads on both sides of the ball going for the National Football League's top prize.

Oakland has the number one ranked offense in the NFL led by quarterback and regular season Most Valuable player Rich Gannon. The Raiders are averaging nearly 30 points per game including playoff wins over the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans.

The Buccaneers will try to counter the Raiders' offense with the top-rated defense in the NFL. The Bucs are allowing an average of less than 11 points this season, and they gave up a total of only 16 points in post-season wins over San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Oakland coach Bill Callahan says Tampa's defense is awe-inspiring. "Well I think, number one, their athleticism is what really sticks out," he said. "You know, you watch these guys run to the ball and watch them instinctively react to runs and passes. The linebackers are like raptors, they are all over the place. Their quickness is really defining."

The game also features former Oakland coach Jon Gruden leading Tampa Bay against his old team. Oakland is making its first Super Bowl appearance since 1984 and is favored to win. The Buccaneers have never been to the Super Bowl in their 26-year-history.