Torrential rains and flooding have brought chaos to about 14 countries across Africa. An estimated one million people have been affected. In East Africa, in countries like Ethiopia and Uganda many people are now homeless. In Ghana parts of the country have been declared disaster zones by President John Kuffuor.. 

Ben Brown is a regional coordinator of Ghana?s National Disaster Management Organization. He had just returned from the northern part of the country that had taken the brunt of the flooding. Nightline?s Akwei Thompson asked him about the magnitude of the disaster.

?The situation is quite serious?.  It happens maybe once in 20 years?.that is what we?re experiencing now  ? Brown said.

The northern sector of the country which is one of the worst affected areas, happens to be the bread basket of the country. As a result, Brown said ?all the farms that have been inundated this year will feel the pinch next year.?

Ben Brown said the country will need help from the international community to deal with the situation and has called on NGOs and other world bodies like WFP for assistance.