In Washington, D.C. and across the United States, guided tours on Segway scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Producers Ade Astuti, Nia Sutadi and Susy Tekunana tell us why this way of touring the nation's capital is attracting so many people looking  to "scoot" around town. Carla Coolman narrates this report.

There are many ways to sightsee in Washington, D.C.: riding a tour bus, sailing on the Potomac River, or simply walking down the city's historic streets.

These are all great ways to tour the nation's capital, but they are rather traditional -- maybe even old fashioned. 

Taking a guided tour on a human transporter called a Segway is a whole new way to enjoy the monuments, the architecture, and the history of Washington, D.C.

Unveiled in December 2001, the self-balancing electric transporter was designed to revolutionize people's commute. But so far it is still viewed primarily as a novelty item -- and is now being marketed to tourists visiting urban areas.

Will Phillips works for City Segway Tours. "Segway is a two-wheeled transportation device that is powered by five gyroscopes and reads your center of gravity. It is just a really neat transportation device that not a lot of people have experienced."

Guided tours on these odd-looking devices are becoming popular not only in the U.S. capital, but across the country.

Tourists that embark on these decidedly non-pedestrian tours of Washington, D.C. have fun while learning about the city along the way. For this tourist it adds a new twist to seeing the sights.

On tourist shares the experience, "I have done sightseeing tour on buses, and while those, you know: same kind of tour, same information. This was much more up close and personal, and kind of fun. And you are on a Segway, so you are having a good time the whole time".

Designated as one of the most Segway-friendly cities in the United States, zooming around Washington on a Segway is becoming more popular -- and the sight almost makes the tourists themselves one of the city's attractions.