The trial of the alleged mastermind of the October's deadly terrorist attack on Bali, Indonesia has opened. As Patricia Nunan reports from Jakarta, Imam Samudra faces a possible death penalty if convicted of planning the attack that killed more than 200 people.

Prosecutors Monday read the 43-page indictment in a Bali courtroom, accusing Imam Smaudra of being the mastermind behind the Bali attack.

Prosecutor I. Nyoman Dila says the accused conceived the bombing plan and played a key role in its execution.

The indictment alleges the plan was aimed at interests of the United States and its allies to avenge the treatment of Muslims globally.

Two bombs tore through a crowded Bali tourist district last October, killing 202 people.

Police say Imam Samudra has confessed. His only comments in court Monday were "Allahu Akbar", or god is greatest.

The accused is believed to be a senior member of Jemaah Ismaliyah, a regional militant group which wants to build an Islamic state across Southeast Asia. J-I has been blamed for the bombing but is not mentioned in the indictment of Mr. Samudra.