Turin is getting ready for the Winter Olympics. City authorities are confident all the necessary work will be completed in time. They have taken care of the security aspect and the lack of snow will not affect the smooth running of the event.

There's little snow on the mountains around Turin. The people here look up at the sky and say it's been blue for weeks. But no one seems to be concerned about the lack of snow for the Winter Olympics because there's plenty of snowmaking up where the races will be held.

They just say it's a pity because it's not as pretty. The towns up in the mountains are not covered in white as they should be.

In the city, work is still in progress in the many roads and piazzas of the city, but authorities say they're just busy with the finishing touches. There may be something left undone but with exactly 4 weeks to go to the opening of the games, the mayor is satisfied.

"Yes, I think that Turin is ready," said the mayor. "It's ready for the Olympics, and it's ready also for the post-Olympic period."

The city has already decided what will be done with the venues once the games are over.

People in Turin say it's been difficult in the city, particularly during the last year because there's been so much construction.

Grazia, who has recently been employed to keep the streets of the historic center clean, says it's been tough not only for them but for all the politicians of Turin as well. Everyone has had to adapt to the traffic, the construction sites and everything else.

But, she says, at least there's something positive, the Olympics, and a lot of tourism.

This, she adds has also brought many new jobs. Grazia was unemployed before.

"It's a nice event, a good thing for Turin," she said. "It brings more work for everyone and hopefully also for the future, new construction, new innovation, for Turin and for all its citizens."

Security will be tight in Turin for the winter games, which open February 10. Nine thousand security officers will be deployed and a specialized nationwide network has been created to protect the games.

Officials say they are not aware of any terror plot targeting the Olympics but no chances will be taken. Some people here say they'd rather not attend the opening ceremony just in case.

The authorities say the security operation for the games will be similar to the one mounted for the pope's funeral in April.