U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Wednesday Turkey has now agreed to let the United States to re-supply its forces in neighboring Iraq through Turkey. Amy Katz has more.

Secretary of State Powell was on a quick trip to Turkey, hoping to repair relations, which were damaged when the Turkish parliament refused to allow the U.S. to launch attacks against Iraq, from Turkey. He announced the compromise agreement after meeting with Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and other top Turkish officials in Ankara Wednesday.

?The minister and I discussed other areas of cooperation, other needs we have now to sustain the forces, coalition forces that are operating in Northern Iraq.?

Secretary Powell added that they had resolved all the issues relating to re-supplying coalition forces and had agreed to cooperate on humanitarian efforts.

He said they also agreed to an early warning system to avert friction between Turkey and the Kurds in northern Iraq. Mr. Powell described the situation there as fairly stable right now.

Secretary Powell left Turkey late Wednesday for Belgrade, where he met with top Serb officials. He then traveled to Brussels, where he is to meet with European Union and NATO officials as well as the Russian Foreign Minister for talks that are expected to focus on post-war Iraq.

Russia, France, Germany and Belgium have all been strong opponents of the U.S.-led war against Iraq.