Turkey's military says its aircraft destroyed about 70 Kurdish rebel positions in raids on northern Iraq earlier this week.

The military Thursday said Turkish warplanes made direct hits Monday on Kurdistan Workers' Party shelters, caves, logistical facilities and training sites. The Turkish military released video footage of the operation, showing missiles hitting alleged rebel targets.

There was no independent confirmation of the damage from the air strikes.

Turkey has carried out several air raids on PKK targets in northern Iraq since December. Ankara says the rebels use bases in Iraq to launch deadly attacks inside Turkey.

Turkish state media say Washington is concerned about arms dealers in the region selling U.S.-made weapons to terrorist groups. The official Anatolia news agency quotes U.S. ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson as saying the U.S. is investigating such sales. Wilson also stressed that Washington does not provide weapons to the PKK.

In another development, about 4,000 pro-Kurdish activists have rallied in southeastern Turkey near the Iraqi border to protest Turkish military incursions into northern Iraq.

The supporters of the Democratic Society Party gathered in the Kasrik district of Syrnak province Tuesday and camped there overnight. Party deputy leader Emine Ayna called on Turkey's parliament to rescind its authorization of military operations in Iraq, and she urged the PKK to stop its armed activities in response.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.