Two senior overseas division chiefs at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency have joined the exodus of top officials that began after new chief Porter Goss took over.

Sources at the agency said Thursday the heads of the European and Far East divisions are retiring, but that there will be no public announcement identifying them because both have worked undercover.

The New York Times quotes agency sources who say the officials are leaving because of discomfort with Mr. Goss' new top management team.

Last week, the agency's deputy operations director and his immediate assistant announced their departures.  CIA sources also blamed those resignations on the aides that Mr. Goss brought with him from Congress.

The CIA's former number two man, John McLaughlin, resigned earlier this month for what he said were personal reasons. 

Mr. Goss took over in September with a mandate from the Bush administration to reform the agency.

Some information for this story provided by AP and Reuters.