Authorities in South Korea say a powerful typhoon has killed at least 42 people, injured 28, and left at least two dozen others missing.

Emergency officials say Typhoon Maemi struck late Friday with winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour and heavy downpours that dumped up to 45 centimeters of rain on the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula. Gyeongsan province was the hardest hit by the storm.

The typhoon hit, as thousands of people were visiting their home towns for the annual thanksgiving (Chuseok) holiday. It caused mudslides, flooded roads and buildings, downed power and telephone lines and knocked over trees.

Officials say most of the victims were killed in landslides or killed in other storm-related accidents. They fear the death toll will rise. In the country's second largest city, Busan, a construction crane collapsed, hurting five firefighters. In North Chungcheong Province, the storm caused a train to derail, slightly injuring 15 passengers.

Two thousand people were evacuated from their homes to emergency shelters. Almost a million and a half households are without electricity in the southern part of the country.

Weather forecasters say the Typhoon Maemi weakened to a tropical storm after passing over South Korea's east coast early Saturday.

Typhoons are frequent in South Korea this time of year. Last September, Typhoon Rusa killed more than 100 people.

There has been no word of any deaths, injuries or storm damage from North Korea.