Chinese state media say the death toll from Typhoon Prapiroon has risen to at least 48, with 15 others still missing in China's southern region.

The Xinhua news agency said Saturday the majority of deaths were reported in Guangdong province.

The storm's torrential rains have affected nearly four million people since barreling ashore Thursday.

Authorities downgraded Prapiroon to a tropical storm Friday, but the heavy rains and wind still killed at least one person in a landslide in Guangxi province.

China has endured six typhoons this year, and is still recovering from Tropical Storm Bilis, which killed at least 600 people in July. Typhoon Kaemi killed at least 30 more last week.

Xinhua says the latest typhoon has caused 300 million dollars in economic losses.

Before it hit China, Prapiroon left at least eight people dead or missing in the Philippines.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.