The Ugandan military says it has killed a senior commander of the rebel Lord's Resistance Army.

A statement from the Ugandan army Wednesday says LRA "Lieutenant Colonel" Okello Yape was killed in the southwest part of Ri-kwangba, a remote area of southern Sudan.

There are also reports that soldiers rescued several hostages held by the rebels.

The statement calls the death of Yape "another blow to the LRA," delivered by a multi-national force that has been chasing the rebels since December.

Last week, the army said it had captured LRA Commander Thomas Kwoyelo, believed to be fourth-in-command of the rebel group.

The LRA has been fighting Uganda's government for 20 years, and has also become a regional threat, extending its killing, kidnapping, and maiming of civilians into Congo, southern Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

The rebel group negotiated a peace deal with the Ugandan government, but the group's leader, Joseph Kony, has failed to show up on multiple occasions to sign the agreement.  

The LRA says it wants the International Criminal Court to drop war crimes charges against its leaders before the accord is signed.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.