Ugandan health officials say an outbreak of Ebola has now killed at least 22 people, including four health workers who were treating Ebola patients.

The country's Ministry of Health Thursday, reported a total of 93 suspected Ebola cases, all in the western Bundibugyo district.

The outbreak began in late August but was not confirmed to be Ebola until last week.

News agency reports say staffers at Bundibugyo hospital did not wear protective clothing during the early stages of the outbreak.  Officials say the workers have now been issued the proper gear.

International health officials have determined the outbreak involves a new strain of Ebola.

Ebola typically kills most of those it strikes through massive bleeding.  Officials say the new strain exhibits a measles-like rash and appears to be less lethal.

The Bundibugyo district borders the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where a recent outbreak of Ebola killed six people.  The World Health Organization determined last month that the DRC outbreak had been contained.

Uganda last saw a major Ebola outbreak in 2000, when 224 deaths were reported from a total of 425 cases.

The virus is spread by direct contact with the blood, bodily fluids or tissue of an infected person.

Some information for this report was provided by  AP and Reuters.