A leading Ugandan opposition politician who has been missing from the capital, Kampala, for more than 10 days has surfaced in Washington, D.C.

Kizza Besigye, a retired colonel, contacted VOA shortly after his arrival. In an exclusive interview, he told VOA he fled because his security had been compromised. Mr. Besigye said he had received reports from "insiders" that authorities were in the process of framing evidence against him so they could arrest him and charge him with treason. He said he intends to continue struggling for the realization of democracy in Uganda through legal means and, if necessary, through what he called "non-traditional" means.

English to Africa reporter Shaka Ssali spoke with Mr. Besigye about when he left Uganda and why. You can hear about his future plans in the second part of the interview Tuesday on Daybreak Africa, broadcast at 0300, 0430, and 0600 UTC. Mr. Besigye will also be Shaka Ssali's guest this week on English to Africa's radio/television call-in show, Straight Talk Africa, Wednesday at 1830 UTC.

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