Reports from Gulu, in northern Uganda, say two ballot boxes were discovered Tuesday in a coffin with printed ballots already marked for President Yoweri Museveni. Journalist Otto Labega of the Uganda Weekly Observer says an opposition member of parliament accused the district commissioner of putting the ballots in the coffin. 

Badru Kigundu is chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda. He told English to Africa reporter James Butty the story is not true.   ?I don?t know about the factualism of that story. The preliminary finding is that that is a hoaxed story. It?s just like somebody reported that I was missing, and I?m here in Kampala. There are so many hoaxed stories going on in this country now.? Kigunda says his commission is making final preparations for Thursday?s vote. He says reports of violence that have marred the campaign period will not affect the outcome of the elections. ?Certainly these are last-minute high-temperature hitches here and there, but will not have an impact on the likelihood of the outcome. I?m still very optimistic.?