Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulija Tymoshenko says she is breaking with President Viktor Yushchenko following his decision to dismiss her government.

Ms. Tymoshenko said Friday she is no longer a member of Mr. Yushchenko's political team, but stopped short of calling herself an opponent.

The former prime minister said she and her followers plan to run for office separately in next year's parliamentary elections.

Mr. Yushchenko dismissed the government Thursday, amid allegations of corruption and reports of infighting between the prime minister and Petro Poroshenko, another senior official.

The president has named senior regional official Yuri Yekhanurov prime minister.

Ms. Tymoshenko was a key figure during Ukraine's Orange Revolution that swept the president into power last year. She blamed presidential advisors, rather than Mr. Yushchenko himself, for her firing.

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