Ukraine's Supreme Court has ruled against Viktor Yanukovych's last legal appeal contesting the re-run, ending the presidential election crisis and clearing the way for the winner's inauguration.

The justices deliberated for nearly four hours before returning overnight with their ruling, following a marathon 13-hour hearing Wednesday.

It was the latest of more than twelve rejections against former Prime Minister Yanukovych, who has refused to concede. His legal team says the ruling is a travesty of justice and that they plan to file another appeal before the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights.

In announcing the ruling, Chief Justice Anatoly Varema said Mr. Yanukovych's legal team had again failed to provide any convincing evidence that there was repeat fraud during the election. Mr. Varema said the justices therefore concluded there was no reason to invalidate the poll, or call a new one.

Mr. Varema notes the ruling is final and can not be appealed.

It also sets the stage for a weekend inauguration of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko, who swept the election by more than two million votes.