The Arab Group at the United Nations has issued a statement that strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in the United States, but the statement also emphasizes its support for Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.

During its week-long debate on terrorism, the U.N. General Assembly received the Arab Group's position from Libya's ambassador, Abuzed Dorda. He said the Arab Group condemns all forms of terrorism but that terrorism must be defined.

Speaking through an English interpreter, Mr. Dorda there is no way to classify Palestinian resistance as terrorism. "The Arab Group," he said, "stresses its determination to confront any attempt to classify resistance to occupation as an act of terrorism. Such an attempt will turn concepts topsy-turvey and only hatred can be engendered from this. Freedom is indivisible and cannot be diminished in any way."

Mr. Dorda said the Palestinian people are the "victims of modern terrorism in the fullest sense of the term." He said the Arab Group believes occupation is equal to terrorism, in fact, he said "it is one of its ugliest forms."

Later, the head of the Palestine Observer Mission at the United Nations, Nasser al-Kidwa, told the General Assembly a successful battle against terrorism will require a rethinking of some polices that have political, social, and economic repercussions.

Speaking through an English interpreter, Mr. al-Kidwa said a just solution to the issue of Palestine will help in the fight against terrorism. He said, "That in itself, if achieved, is not going to conclude the battle against international terrorism but it is a necessary condition to gain in the battle that the international community must wage in any case."

Mr. al-Kidwa said he welcomes statements by leaders in the United States and other western nations that the battle against terrorism is not a battle against Islam or Arabs. He said that point must be constantly re-stated.