The head of the United Nations commission charged with inspecting Iraq's weapons arsenal, Hans Blix, is scheduled to arrive in Baghdad on Monday. The chief inspector's first priority will be re-establishing U.N. offices that have been shut for almost four years.

Mr. Blix will be going to Baghdad with Mohammed ElBaradei, the director general of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, and a team of about 25 technicians and administrative officials.

A spokeswoman for the agency says the team will set up offices and communications for the weapons inspectors, who will start arriving in Iraq on November 25.

By December, a team of almost 100 weapons experts will be working in Iraq.

The inspectors have a list of key sites that are suspected of containing arsenals for chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Under the Security Council resolution approved last week, they also are authorized to inspect mosques and presidential compounds. Any difficulties they encounter in gaining access to the sites would represent an infringement of the U.N. resolution.