The U.N. Security Council says it will consider the option of an international force for Haiti to support a political settlement in the crisis-torn country.

In a statement read by current Council president Wang Guangya of China, the Council expressed "deep concern" over the violence and failure to reach a settlement.

The Council also said Thursday that it would support efforts by the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, and the Organization of American States, OAS, as they work for a peaceful solution to the impasse.

The statement was made as CARICOM called for immediate U.N. authorization of the multinational force to Haiti, and the OAS urged the Security Council to take quote, "the necessary and appropriate urgent measures" to address Haiti's political turmoil. The OAS also said it has asked its secretary-general, Cesar Gaviria, to maintain close contact with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his representatives.

In a related development, secretary-general Annan has named John Reginald Dumas as his special adviser on Haiti.

The United Nations says the veteran Trinidad and Tobago diplomat will closely follow developments in Haiti and work with all relevant parties, especially the regional organizations that are trying to end the country's political impasse.