The head of the United Nation's peacekeeping mission for Ethiopia and Eritrea is warning that continued stalemate over their border could lead to renewed war.

Legwaila Joseph Legwaila told reporters Thursday, the primary responsibility for resolving the crisis rests with Ethiopia and Eritrea. But he urged the international community to help break the deadlock.

In 2000, the Horn of Africa countries signed a deal to end a border war, agreeing to have an independent commission redraw the boundary.

But Ethiopia balked after the commission in 2002 granted Eritrea a key border town. 

In November, the Ethiopian government said it accepted the border ruling "in principle," but wanted more talks.  At the same time, thousands of Ethiopian troops moved closer to the border.

Eritrea has refused to negotiate and will not discuss the stalemate with the United Nation's top envoy in the region.

Some information for this story provided by AFP and Reuters.