Some displaced Congolese are displeased with MONUC.
Some displaced Congolese are displeased with MONUC.

The Spokesman for the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo says MONUC will pursue its mandate despite calls by critics urging its departure.

Madnodje Mounoubai said a recent survey shows MONUC enjoys the support of a majority of Congolese.

“Today we had a radio program on that issue and out of 10 people who called two were adamant about their position that MONUC should leave, two were not sure about if MONUC should leave, but six said MONUC should not leave. They appreciate the work MONUC is doing in the country and that MONUC should continue until there is a visible change on the ground,” he said.

Mounoubai said MONUC continues to make every effort to fulfill its peace keeping mission as mandated by the UN Security Council.

“We have been true to our mandate, especially right now as the protection of civilians is concerned,” he said.

Some Congolese displaced by the clashes in the North and South Kivu provinces criticize MONUC for not doing enough to protect them from armed groups.

Mounoubai defends his group against such criticism.

“I understand the frustration of some of the people in the DRC. They want much more to happen, but they cannot expect this from MONUC. The DRC is a sovereign country and most of the things they are demanding from MONUC as a matter of fact should be addressed to the authorities of the country, not MONUC,” he said.    

Mounoubai said there are ongoing discussions between the United Nations and Kinshasa over a possible new mandate for MONUC.

“What is going to be the mandate of MONUC? What is going to be the shape of MONUC in the next mandate? Where will MONUC be mostly deployed within the DRC? We are waiting to see the outcome of this discussion,” Mounoubai said.