The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Afghan interim authority's drive toward a unified and democratic Afghanistan.

The resolution reaffirms the Security Council's strong commitment to the "sovereignty, independence, territorial and national unity of Afghanistan." It stresses the right of the Afghan people to freely determine their own political future.

The resolution makes no mention of an expansion of the United Nations peacekeeping force into parts of the country outside of Kabul. Security Council President Ole Peter Kolby says that while the peacekeeping mandate is likely to be extended beyond its current June 20 expiration, geographic expansion has not been discussed.

The resolution also calls on the interim authority to combat the cultivation and trafficking of illicit drugs, eliminate the threat of landmines, and curb the illegal flow of small arms.

It also calls on the authority to maintain a secure environment and demonstrate respect for human rights. In addition, the resolution formally establishes the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, which will oversee the U.N.'s work in the country.