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The United Nations Security Council is meeting Friday on the political crisis in Honduras, where ousted President Manuel Zelaya is still taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy to avoid arrest.

Brazilian authorities asked for the emergency meeting after Mr. Zelaya secretly returned to Honduras on Monday, and Brazil agreed to shelter him inside its embassy in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

Mr. Zelaya said he spoke late Thursday with representatives of the interim government, but the talks yielded no progress.

Interim President Robert Micheletti has said he will meet with the ousted leader provided he recognizes a presidential vote scheduled for November.  Mr. Micheletti also has said he will not discuss dropping charges against Mr. Zelaya.

The caretaker government forced Mr. Zelaya out of the country nearly three months ago, saying he was trying to illegally change the constitution in order to extend his stay in power.

The international community has refused to recognize the interim government and has called for Mr. Zelaya to be reinstated with limited power until a presidential election is held.

On Thursday, life for Hondurans began returning to normal after a nationwide curfew was lifted.

Meanwhile, police continue to surround the Brazilian embassy where Mr. Zelaya is taking shelter along with dozens of his supporters.

Clashes between police and Zelaya supporters earlier in the week left at least one person dead.