There are new developments in the international war on terror. Much of the new information stems from the capture of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September Eleventh terrorist attacks. Robert Raffaele has more on the story.

Pakistani officials say they found several hand-written letters from Osama bin Laden that indicate he is alive and hiding in or near Pakistan. Authorities say the letters were found Saturday during a raid of the apartment where Khalid Sheik Mohammed was arrested.

U.S. investigators are reportedly questioning Mohammed at Baghram Air Base in Afghanistan. ABC News reports that Mohammed revealed to authorities plans to attack American dams and reservoirs. But former FBI agent Jack Cloonan says the accuracy of that information is questionable.

?If he?s made up his mind for example that he?s got nothing to lose, that his fate is sealed, he may very well sit there, take credit for some things, then send you down the primrose path in some other direction.?

On Tuesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller told lawmakers more than 200 terrorists have been arrested worldwide in the past 18 months.

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft hailed Mohammed?s arrest as just one part of the international anti-terror campaign.

He also announced indictments in the arrests of two Yemeni citizens, accused of funneling money to Al-Qaida. One of the two suspects allegedly boasted that he personally gave Osama bin Laden twenty million dollars prior to September 11th.