American military helicopters are ferrying wounded and delivering emergency aid to the survivors of the earthquake that struck the remote areas of the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir over the weekend. Robert Berger was on board one of the helicopters and filed this on-the-scene report for VOA.

We are landing deep in the Himalayas here on board a US army Chinook helicopter. This remote area of Kashmir in Pakistan was hard hit by the earthquake and people here are completely cut off.

American soldiers have lowered the hatch and dozens of people are pouring in carrying their wounded in blankets. Some of the people are screaming. They are apparently suffering from broken bones and internal injuries. About 50 people are crowding into the helicopter. They'll be taken from here to Islamabad for medical treatment.

Before picking up the wounded the helicopter dropped off three generators at a rapidly growing tent camp. The view from the air is one of devastation and isolation, and that's why supplies like rice, medicine, water and generators are being brought in in helicopters like this one.