A suspect in the killings of four U.S. police officers has been fatally shot in the northwestern state of Washington.

Authorities say a lone police officer identified the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, before dawn Tuesday in southern Seattle after an intense two-day manhunt. They say the officer shot and killed Clemmons after he ignored an order to show his hands and stop.

Police say the suspect was carrying a handgun belonging to one of the four officers who was killed Sunday.

Authorities say they arrested four other people suspected of helping Clemmons avoid arrest.

Police say the four uniformed officers were sitting in a coffee shop near the city of Tacoma when they were ambushed.  Authorities say the three men and one woman were preparing for work when they were fatally shot.

Police have not determined a motive.

Clemmons had a violent criminal history in two states. He was given a lengthy prison sentence as a teenager, but was released early after the former governor of the southern state of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, commuted the sentence.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.