The U.S. military has condemned the publication of unauthorized photographs Friday that show Saddam Hussein in his prison cell in Iraq.

The military says the photos were taken in clear violation of Defense Department directives and that they possibly also violate Geneva Convention guidelines for treatment of prisoners.  U.S. military officials have vowed to aggressively investigate the source of the photos, which they say appear to have been taken about one year ago.

Britain's Sun newspaper, which originally published the photographs, claims it received them from U.S. military sources who wanted to demoralize insurgents in Iraq.

The photographs, some of which show Saddam in his underwear, have appeared on the front pages of newspapers in London and New York and on television worldwide. 

Saddam is expected to stand trial later this year on charges of genocide, torture and crimes against humanity, charges that could result in the death penalty if he is convicted.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters, and AP.