U.S. military radio broadcasts into Afghanistan are trying to enlist the Afghan people in helping oust the Taleban leadership.

Scripts of the special broadcasts describe the Taleban and the al-Qaida terrorists as "fanatics" who, in the words of the U.S. military, "feed off the blood of the Afghan people."

The messages urge the Afghan people to join with a U.S.-led international coalition to remove what are termed "these evil people" from Afghanistan. It urges the Afghan people not to give food, shelter, or any type of aid to the Taleban or to Osama bin Laden, the alleged terrorist mastermind who is leader of al-Qaida.

The messages say that with the help of the Afghan people, "this conflict can be over soon."

In the meantime, the U.S. broadcasts urge civilians to stay away from military installations, government buildings, terrorist camps, roads, factories, and bridges. The Afghan people are urged to seek a safe place and advised that U.S. led forces have no wish to harm them.

The broadcasts emanate from specially-outfitted C-130 aircraft, nicknamed "commando solo." These are essentially flying broadcast stations.

Scripts of the broadcasts made available at the Pentagon sharply criticize the Taleban and the terrorists, calling them "deluded fighters" and "cowards who hide in the shadows and strike at the weak" - including expectant mothers, the elderly and little children. The messages say the terrorists believe they are heroes, but instead describe them as "murderers" who "do not represent Islam."

One message tells Taleban leaders and supporters that they are condemned and have sentenced themselves to death by their support for terrorists who struck the United States last month, killing thousands. This message says U.S. forces will, quoting now, "rain fire down upon your camps" and drop bombs "right through your windows." It says the Taleban will be attacked by land, sea, and air without warning.

But the message says any Taleban who surrender will be allowed to live. It says anyone who surrenders should approach U.S. forces with hands in the air. It says weapons should be emptied of ammunition. "Doing this," says the message, "is your only chance of survival." Another message says "resistance is futile."