The U.S. military in Iraq says coalition forces have killed two suspected militants and detained at least 10 others in operations across central and northern Iraq.

A military statement says troops killed the two Friday during a raid targeting what it called al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist facilitators.  It says the two were suspected of having ties to senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders who bring foreign terrorists into the country.

In another operation south of Kirkuk, the military says its forces detained four suspected militants, including one believed to have been involved in car bombings, kidnappings and attacks against coalition troops.

It says coalition forces seized several other suspects in raids throughout the northern city of Mosul Friday.

In violence late Thursday, Iraqi officials say a car bomb exploded near a hospital in the capital, Baghdad, killing four people and wounding 10 others.

Officials say the bomb went off next to the morgue of Yarmouk hospital in western Baghdad.  Car bomb attacks have become less frequent in the Iraqi capital since the launch of security operations by Iraqi and coalition forces last year.