US soldiers search a house for weapons in Bagh village
The U.S. military has acknowledged that an "unknown" number of civilians were killed in last Friday's U.S. air strike in Afghanistan's Kunar province and says it regrets the loss of innocent life.

The U.S. admission came after the governor of the eastern province, Assadulah Wafa, told reporters that 17 civilians were killed during the raid carried out during a search for missing U.S. troops.

The governor also said that a second member of the Navy SEALs team missing since Tuesday has been located in the mountains of Kunar, and Afghan forces are trying to reach the remote area.

There was no confirmation from the U.S military. On Sunday, officials reported the rescue of one of the four members of that special operations unit.

A U.S. military helicopter sent to assist the unit on Tuesday was shot down by suspected Taleban militants, killing all 16 U.S. service members aboard.

Some information for this report provided by AP and AFP.