U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power says the United States and Russia have reached agreement on a draft resolution demanding Syria give up its chemical weapons.

Power says the draft calls Syria's weapons a threat to international peace and security. It would legally obligate Syria to scrap its arsenal.

The Security Council is scheduled to hold an urgent closed-door meeting Thursday night on the draft, but diplomats say a vote is unlikely at that time.

No other details of the draft are available. But French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said earlier Thursday that the text will include the possibility of sanctions or military action if Syria fails to meet its obligations.

U.S. President Barack Obama said earlier this month that the threat of a U.S. military pressured Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to agree to a Russian plan to put his chemical arsenal under international control.

Mr. Assad denies his army was behind the poison gas attack that killed 1,400 civilians outside Damascus last month. The United States says it is beyond any reasonable doubt the Assad regime was responsible.