U.S. - Russia Spy Incidents

2013 Russia accuses U.S. Embassy official Ryan Fogle of spying and expels him.

2013 U.S. military policeman William Colton Millay convicted of selling U.S. military secrets to an FBI agent posing as a Russian spy.

2012 Retired U.S. Navy officer Robert Patrick Hoffman arrested for trying to provide classified information to FBI agents posing as Russian spies.

2010 U.S. authorities arrest 10 Russians, including Anna Chapman, and accuse them of being sleeper spies.  They are handed to Russia in a swap deal.

2010 Russia jails Gennady Sipachev for selling secrets to the U.S.

2001 FBI agent Robert Hanson arrested for selling secrets to Moscow.

2000 Russia convicts businessman and former U.S. naval intelligence officer Edmond Pope for espionage.  He is later pardoned and allowed to return to the U.S.

1996 U.S. convicts FBI agent Earl Edwin Pitts of giving classified information to Moscow for money.

1996 Veteran CIA officer Harold James Nicholson sentenced for selling identities of intelligence officers to Russia.

1994 U.S. counter intelligence officer Aldrich Ames pleads guilty with his wife to spying for Russia since 1985.