A senior U.S. official said Washington is satisfied with Pakistan's efforts to counter terrorism in the region. Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca met with the top levels of Pakistan's government.

On her second and final day of talks in Pakistan, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca met President Pervez Musharraf and discussed with him "matters of mutual interest."

Ms. Rocca met with Pakistani Interior Minister Faisal Salah Hayat, to discuss security issues. She also presented communication equipment worth $4.5 million. The equipment is part of Washington's $73 million assistance program to help Pakistan patrol its mountainous border with Afghanistan.

After the ceremony, Ms. Rocca told reporters that the United States is satisfied with Pakistan's cooperation in the war against terrorism. "We are fully confident that the government of Pakistan is supporting us in the war against terror and sees that is something that is in Pakistan's interest and we very much appreciate that support," Ms. Rocca said.

Pakistan is a frontline ally in the U.S. led war on terrorism and has captured more than 420 suspected al-Qaida fugitives on its soil.

Ms. Rocca is the highest-ranking U.S. official to meet with Pakistan's newly elected government.

Pakistani officials say that in meetings with foreign ministry officials on Monday, Ms. Rocca discussed ways to strengthen and expand ties with Pakistan. They say the U.S. diplomat also underlined Washington's commitment to helping bring about a Pakistan-India dialogue. Relations between the two South Asian nations remain tense over the disputed territory of Kashmir.