The chairman of the U.S. Senate intelligence committee says he would not be surprised if U.S. military action in Iraq has killed Saddam Hussein.

Kansas Republican Pat Roberts made that remark Sunday to FOX News in light of an unconfirmed report that U.S. forces last week struck a convoy possibly including the ousted Iraqi leader.

The report appeared Sunday in the British newspaper, The Observer, which said the convoy was traveling in western Iraq near Syria at the time. The report also said Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Uday, was with the convoy.

Mr. Roberts also said President Bush's warning about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program was based on the best U.S. intelligence available.

But Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller told FOX he is concerned about statements President Bush made that were later proven false. Mr. Rockefeller of West Virginia is the intelligence committee's ranking Democrat.

Democrats have called for an investigation into whether evidence was manipulated to justify the war in Iraq.