U.S. troops have gone into action in Afghanistan, apparently hunting remnants of the Taleban or the al-Qaida terror network. Combat helicopters began ferrying U.S. airborne troops into an area near Kandahar in southern Afghanistan early Thursday morning.

"They fly in, they touch down, and the soldiers dismount," said Captain Alayne Cramer, spokeswoman for the coalition forces in Afghanistan. "So it doesn't involve any kind of parachuting."

Captain Cramer said she could not say who the troops expect to be fighting. The U.S.-led coalition force has been tracking remnants of the Taleban government and the al-Qaida terror network in Afghanistan for months.

Recently, some senior members of al-Qaida have been captured, and U.S. intelligence authorities have been interrogating them, trying to learn the location of the group's leader, Osama bin Laden.