As many industries suffer during the U.S. economic downturn, some workers are looking for jobs in sectors that are continuing to grow.
Figures show one of the most recession-proof industries is healthcare.  U.S. government statistics show healthcare industry added more than three quarters of a million jobs last year amid "large and widespread" job losses in most industries.

And one Internet job site, Jobfox, ranks nursing and medical administrative services as two of the safest careers to have during a recession.
One worker says he has more job security after leaving the beleaguered mortgage industry to take a job in the health care field.
Laurin Dunn's new career gives him some peace of mind.  So, he and his wife Kellie and their 19 month old twin sons Cameron and Noah can enjoy afternoons like this one in the park.
Dunn recently quit his job to look for something safer in the medical field.  He had spent seven years selling mortgages to homebuyers, an industry that triggered the nation's financial crisis. "It was hard to take a step away from something I loved doing," he said. "I did enjoy the mortgage industry, but at the same time I have a family I have to take care of, and right now the mortgage industry is not able to help me accomplish those things in life".
Dunn took a job in August last year registering patients at a local hospital. He helps people feel at ease when they come in and processes payments.
He says he enjoys his new career and worries less about losing his job. "People are always going to get sick, become ill, and we're here to take care of them," he said. "I believe the medical industry is a very strong industry no matter how hard the economy is suffering".

While Dunn chose the healthcare industry, job websites also point to strong demand for sales representatives, teachers, software designers, security personnel and accounting positions.

Still, employment offices across Florida are busy with people looking for work. More than seven percent of Florida workers are unemployed.

Experts warn that no industry is entirely safe during the economic downturn.
"In general, the recession is pretty pervasive and there is not much out there that is recession-proof," Gary Earl, head of an employment agency, said.

Earl says 70 percent more people visited his agency to find new jobs in 2008 compared to an average year
Meanwhile, Laurin Dunn has not ruled out returning to the mortgage industry once the U.S. housing market recovers. But for now he says he is happy with his career change.