The head of the US Agency for International Development, USAID, has just returned from Sudan?s Darfur region. Andrew Natsios says more than one million people have been displaced because the conflict there has destroyed or heavily damaged nearly 750 towns and villages.

He says the situation in Darfur was made worse by the way the government attempted to put down the rebels. That?s because many of the soldiers sent to Darfur to fight the rebels were actually from Darfur themselves and as a result either refused to fight or gave up their weapons and surrendered.

Mr. Natsios says as a result of the burning and looting of villages by the Arab militias, the janjaweed, there is rage among Africans in Darfur, who want revenge against Arabs. He says in the past, there was inter-marriage among Arabs and Africans and a great deal of trading, but much of that has ended.

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