The United States Golf Association has announced plans to place restrictions on extra large club heads and shafts in order to protect the traditions of golf.

In a statement Thursday, USGA Senior Technical Director Dick Rugge said there has been a sudden appearance of excessively-sized club heads. He maintained the USGA is acting now in order to prevent erosion of club traditions, after golf club manufacturers stretched technology past what was anticipated.

Britain's Royal & Ancient Golf Club, the sport's other main rule-making body, said Thursday that it shares the concerns of its U.S. counterpart. Rules secretary David Rickman says his organization will issue its own statement on the topic in 2002.

The USGA says it will not make any final decisions on restrictions before comments from all interested parties have been received and considered.

Under the proposals golf club heads measuring more than 385 cubic centimeters in volume would be considered non-conforming, as would clubs measuring more than 119.38 centimeters in length.