Four firebombs exploded outside a local television station in western Venezuela Friday causing minor damage, but no injuries.

Witnesses say they saw several men throw the firebombs at Promar TV, which is in the city of Barquisimeto. The city is about 150 kilometers west of the capital, Caracas.

The president of Promar TV, Jorge Kossowski, says the bombing would not succeed at intimidating reporters and he promised to continue broadcasting. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Media groups have denounced recent violence against local media in Venezuela, blaming President Hugo Chavez for inciting attacks. Mr. Chavez denies the accusation but contends that media owners, joined by prominent opposition leaders, are conspiring to overthrow his left-leaning government.

Meanwhile, President Chavez has departed for New York to make a speech at the United Nations Friday. The UN General Assembly session began Tuesday, but adjourned for a day to mark the first anniversary of the terrorists attacks in New York and Washington.

While in New York, the Venezuelan leader is expected to hold bilateral meetings with several heads of state.

Mr. Chavez survived a brief coup in April and returned to power after just two days, but political problems continue to plague his presidency.