Most of our VOA Snapshots have reported on some aspect of VOA's 60-year history. But what about the future? Well, it has already started, and it involves radio, and more.

All VOA languages can now be found on the Internet at

"I think the web gives us a unique way to deliver that information," said Donna Evans, an editor on the VOA Web Desk.

"You're not only getting audio like you would on the radio, but you're also getting pictures, graphics," she said. "There are a lot of things we do on the web that gives our audience a different experience. Having a web presence reaches a younger audience, which is something really important for the Voice of America to do. We've been around for 60 years and a lot of people know who we are, but it's important that we reach out and find the up-and-coming audience. We live in a multimedia world and the youth of the world are using the web."

Already, more than 40,000 people are sampling that experience on every day. To write to us about our anniversary, send an email to: Or send regular mail to: Anniversary, VOA News Now, Washington, D.C. 20237, USA.