Iraqi election officials say it is too early to suspect problems during Saturday's constitutional referendum, as workers continue to review ballots.

Officials say workers are still auditing results for about 12 Shi'ite and Kurdish areas which reported unusually high totals of "yes" votes. Those regions were expected to support the constitution.

Election officials say a final vote count may be ready by Friday or Saturday.

At least one predominantly Sunni Arab province, Salaheddin, appeared to have voted against the constitution. The draft will fail if three provinces vote against it.

Some Sunni Arab leaders have alleged fraud in Saturday's vote.

Meanwhile, Iraqi police said gunmen in Ramadi killed the deputy governor of Anbar province, Talib al-Dulaimi, on Tuesday. And U.S. military officials said one soldier died in a gun battle in Mosul.

Some information for this report provided by AP and Reuters.