As political turmoil continues in South Africa, one city is taking steps to promote economic development and trade. Tshwane, formerly Pretoria, is sponsoring its fifth annual ?South Africa Week,? here in Washington, DC.

Business people from Tshwane, as well as academic leaders, government officials, and artists, have gathered for the event. It includes social and cultural events, business forums and roundtable discussions dedicated to promoting us investment in South Africa.

Among those attending is Cecilia Maumakoe, executive head of the Office of the City Manager of Tshwane. English to Africa reporter Kim Lewis asked her about some of the goals for the event.

Maumakoes explained one of the biggest is economic trade. ?We?re looking at infrastructure development; we?re looking at incentives for investors; there is ground-level opportunity for someone to come in and invest in the city.?

Another goal of the event is to promote South Africa?s tourism industry and generate interest in the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Maumakoe explains, ?We?re looking at tourism prior to, and post, meaning that visitors are invited to stay before the World Cup kicks off and also post, because there is a lot to offer, not only in the city (Tshwane), but the surrounding areas.?