Ice. Snow.  Flights canceled. Weather stalls travel in US and Europe
Ice. Snow. Flights canceled. Weather stalls travel in US and Europe

Many people worldwide travel to family celebrations for Christmas and the New Year.  But this December, getting to those celebrations requires a mixture of patience and cooperating weather.  So far, the weather has been unyielding, affecting travel for those holiday revelers. 

It may look like a perfect winter holiday scene. But inside several American airports, the picture is nothing to celebrate.

A weekend blizzard dropped hip-deep snow on much of the eastern United States.  In New York alone, more than a thousand flights were canceled.

But that's the problem. Holiday flights are always booked and overbooked.  So with the winter weather playing havoc, the airlines are having trouble re-scheduling travelers.

"There were virtually a day and a half worth of flights that were canceled as a result of this storm," says Jim May with Air Transport Association. " that's a lot of people who have to be re-accomodated."

But here's how it looks in London.  Ice. Snow.  Flights canceled.  And in Germany -- the autobahn blocked for hours.

Eurostar, the high speed train linking Britain, France and Belgium, is finally running again,  after a three day stoppage.  On Friday, the weather caused five trains to fail inside the Channel Tunnel.  The delay stranded 2,500 passengers and affected thousands more,  many on holiday trips.

For others, their wish is simply to arrive on time for the holiday.