Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations.

This week, it's a site where learning about evolutionary biology is made painless, and even a little fun.

Website of the Week — CreatureCast
Website of the Week ? CreatureCast

"CreatureCast.org is a collaborative blog and video series about animals," explains Casey Dunn, the evolutionary biologist who edits CreatureCast.org. "And the videos and blog posts are put together by folks at my lab here at Brown University, and also by other friends, including scientists from other universities, and even some artists."

CreatureCast takes a user-friendly, and sometimes wide-eyed look at the extraordinary diversity in the animal kingdom.

There are conventional posts, but also student Sophia Tintori's charming clay animations.

Reproduction, which of course is a major theme in biology, is a major theme of CreatureCast.

"A lot of the aspects of biology that are most interesting about organisms often have to do with their reproductive biology," says Dunn. "For instance, in many animals, they have other means of reproducing in addition to or in place of sexual reproduction. There's all sorts of fascinating variation on that."

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